Fresh Coconut Water


LVX Coconut Water

– Producing from fresh coconut fruits at local source -Ben Tre, Viet Nam.
– ABF preservation technology to keep fresh taste and natural nutrition.
– Located at the coconut source area, time from picking fruit and packaging water within 48 hours.
– UHT processed and packed.

lvx fresh coconut


– 100% fresh coconut water.
– Natural taste and scent
– No added sugar
– No preservatives, no artificial color, flavors.


LVX coconut water cooking with chicken hot pot


The products are packed in aseptic bag with carton box ( 3kg, 20kg, 25kg), aseptic bag with drum (200kg) and flexi bag 


Coconut water 3kg





Coconut water in 20kg-aseptic-bag-in-carton


Coconut water in 200kg bag-in-drum


– Drink directly as human consume need.
– Mix with cocktail and other drink
– Coffee making
– Cooking hotpot or and food to enhance good taste.
– Ingredient for beverage.

Storage condition

– Store product in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight and strong odor.
– Please store the product is fridge after opening and use within 24 hours.

Shelf life

12 months from production date.


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