Coconut Milk and Cream

– Produced from fresh mature coconut which is from 11 to 12 months old.
– Extracted locally in the local source – Ben Tre, Viet Nam to keep best nutrition and fresh taste.
– After hand picking, mature coconut fruits are removed husk, shell to get their white meat. The meat then is granted, ultra high temperature processed and aseptically packed.



– The products have low to high fat, natural taste and scent
– No preservatives, 100% natural and not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives.

Fat contents

Standard fat contents: 16 – 18 %, 20-25% and above 26%
Note: For 16-18% fat, 20-15% fat, we prefer to name “coconut milk” 
From 26% fat, we hereafter call it as “coconut cream”.

Coconut milk/ coconut cream packaging

LVX coconut cream and coconut milk are packed in aseptic bags 20kg, 25kg with carton boxes; 200kg with drum with flexi bag.


Coconut cream aseptic bag in box – 20kg

Coconut Milk , Coconut Cream Application

The coconut milk/ cream is great for Asian -based food, ideal ingredient for confectioneries, can use in coffee and hot beverages; and also mix well in frozen drinks. 

Shelf life

12 months from production date.

Storage conditions


– Store product in a dry and cool place; avoid direct sunlight and strong odor.
– Keep the product is fridge after opening and use within 24 hours.


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