Virgin Coconut Oil Powder

LVX VCO powder

LVX Virgin Coconut Oil Powder used micro-encapsulation technology to preserve the coconut flavor from extra virgin coconut oil, and improve the solubility. It is a healthy food ingredient included high fiber, high fat and high protein.

Virgin Coconut Oil Powder not only have the benefit of extra virgin coconut oil, but also have more benefit because we add dietary fiber and protein. Besides, we no need to worry the coconut oil’s solidification again and the powder have good solubility. So, it have many uses, such ketogenic diet, solid beverage, bakery, functional food and so on.


ParametersVirgin Coconut Oil Powder
ColorWhite to off-white
Oil content70%, customized
Recommended Storage Condition(RSC)A cool and dry area and avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life under RSC24 months
Pack sizes available10kg
Packaging2 bags in box


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